School funding emergency continues in Bristol

New data shows that despite the Conservative government's spending announcements, schools in Bristol continue to be in a state of emergency over funding shortfalls. 

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Councillor Tony Carey Joins the Lib Dem Team

Cllr Carey and the Bristol Lib Dems on College Green

Former Conservative councillor Tony Carey joins Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats are delighted to welcome another new councillor to their party, Brislington East Councillor Tony Carey, less than a month after former Labour councillor Sultan Khan joined them.

Cllr Tony Carey resigned form the Conservatives in July following the election of Boris Johnson as Conservative Leader and his pursuit of a ‘no deal’ Brexit at any cost.

Bristol Liberal Democrats, like the national party, have seen a surge in membership this year, gaining several hundred new members and now two new councillors.

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Tories starve local NHS Trust of £12.5 million


The Liberal Democrats have slammed the Tories as heartless for starving the NHS of vital cash after revealing University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust paid £12,578,657 in interest on outstanding debt over the last five years.

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Legal aid expert selected as candidate for Bristol North West


Legal aid expert selected as Lib Dem candidate for Bristol North West

After stunning results in the EU elections, securing two new MEPs and topping the polls in Bristol North West, the Liberal Democrats look poised for success with a top legal aid expert. Liberal Democrat members have selected criminal defence and prison law specialist Chris Coleman to be their candidate for the parliamentary constituency. Chris is an experienced campaigner and has been a county and borough councillor, holding the cabinet portfolio for the green environment on Cheltenham borough council.

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Lib Dems propose Citizens' Climate Assembly for Bristol

In the same week as the Bristol Youth Strike for Climate, the Liberal Democrats have put forward an ambitious and radical plan to achieve net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2045, 5 years before the government's pledge. 

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Councillor Sultan Khan joins Lib Dem Team

Having left Labour due to their factional fighting and failure to deliver enough for our local community local councillor Sultan Khan joins the Bristol Lib Dems


"Residents deserve effective representatives who aren’t hampered by factional fights within their own party. With the Lib Dems I can put our area first" - Cllr Khan.

Long serving local Eastville Councillor Sultan Khan has announced that he is joining the Liberal Democrats following his decision to leave the factionalised Bristol Labour party.

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Lib Dems demand fourth option for Western Harbour development


Bristol City Council has begun a four-week 'engagement' on three options for the Western Harbour development. However, this 'early engagement' has failed to satisfy local residents' concerns, with all options lacking substantive details and the engagement period falling short of the council's own guidance for consultations.


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No-deal Brexit to cost Bristol over 6,000 jobs



Research by the UK Trade Policy Observatory has revealed that a no-deal Brexit will lead to just over 6,000 jobs being lost across the city.

The estimates – which have been described by the researchers as “conservative” – find that around 2,045 of those jobs will be lost in Bristol West constituency, 1,450 in Bristol South, and 1,300 each in Bristol North West and Bristol East. 

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James: Tory education cuts segregating schools


Liberal Democrats have slammed the growing inequality in Bristol's schools following the release of an Education Policy Institute (EPI) report today. The report shows that it would take over 500 years to close the gap between disadvantaged secondary school pupils and their peers at its current rate.

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"Serious concern" Bristol Prison must see reform

Liberal Democrats have urged the new Justice Secretary to adopt a better approach to criminal justice, as new official figures show assaults and self-harm in prison rising to record highs.

The latest Safety in Custody Statistics, published today by the Ministry of Justice, show that:

  • There were 34,425 assaults in the 12 months to March 2019, including 10,311 assaults on staff – both record high figures.
  • There were 57,968 self-harm incidents in the same period, also the highest 12-month total on record.
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