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Lib Dems Lobby for Low Emission Zone to Improve Air Quality

A Lib Dem motion to introduce a low emission zone to help improve the air quality of Bristol’s most highly polluted streets has been agreed with cross-party support.

In support of 20mph in residential roads

Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Dr Kay Barnard has written about her support for 20mph speed limits in residential roads.


Lib Dems' Anger at Deputy Mayor's 'Dirty Tricks'

Local Liberal Democrats have accused the Tory Deputy Mayor of dirty tricks after he told the Chief Executive of Bristol City Council and Bristol 2015 Ltd. to stay away from a Council meeting to discuss Bristol 2015 Ltd.’s spending of public money during Bristol’s year as the European Green Capital.


Bristol Lib Dems Welcome Bath and North East Somerset Mayoral ‘No’ Vote

The Bristol Liberal Democrats have expressed delight at the collective decision made by Bath and North East Somerset voters to reject plans for an elected mayor.

Nicola Yates should repay £18,000 of taxpayer money

It has been revealed after an investigation by the Liberal Democrats that Bristol City Council Chief Executive Nicola Yates has received £18,000 in addition to her £160,000 for her “spare time” work on Bristol Green Capital.

Lib Dems Reveal Even More Missing Millions... This Time Over RPZ Profits

Local Liberal Democrat councillors have identified that the true amount of profit expected to be made from the city's Residential Parking Zones (RPZs) will be close to a staggering three quarters of a million pounds this year.

Lib Dems Reveal More Missing Millions... This Time in the Mayor's Budget

Local Liberal Democrats have warned Bristol is missing out on nearly £5 million of council services every year because of inaccurate council tax calculations.

PETITION: Publish the Green Capital Accounts

Liberal Democrats launch petition for the release of Green Capital Accounts.

The Missing Millions of Green Capital Money Continues

Following former Bristol West Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams' open letter last week asking questions about where the green capital money has been spent and the less than informative reply from Bristol City Council Chief Executive Nicola Yates, Stephen has been forced to send a second letter with a list of detailed questions.

The Missing Millions of Green Capital Money

Following concerns raised by local Liberal Democrats over the finances of the arms-length company called Bristol 2015 Ltd, which was set up by the Council to run the city's green capital year, former Bristol West Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams has been asking questions, in an open letter, about where the money has been spent.