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‘Let’s Get Our Local Rail Services Back on Track’ – Williams

Lib Dem West of England mayoral candidate Stephen Williams has outlined his plans to open new local railway stations, get electrification back on schedule and to introduce new train and tram links across the region.

Williams Hits out at “Painful” Fares Hike

Stephen Williams, the Lib Dem candidate to be the regional mayor of the West of England, has slammed a planned hike in bus fares and outlined his plans to combat the rising cost of travelling by bus.

‘Affordable Housing a Top Priority’ – Williams

Residents struggling to get on the housing ladder and people needing affordable homes will be at the heart of a raft of policies promised by Stephen Williams, the Lib Dem candidate for regional mayor.

Stephen Williams Meets and Greets Bristol’s Residents

Lib Dem regional mayoral candidate Stephen Williams hosted a public meeting - attended by local residents - on Wednesday evening.  

‘Bristol better off with a Lib Dem West of England Mayor’ – Williams

Lib Dem mayoral candidate Stephen Williams made the rallying cry at a crowded event at St Matthews Church in Kingsdown on Tuesday night.

Save Jubilee Pool

A head of steam is building up behind the campaign to Save Jubilee Pool. This is being led by Knowle Cllrs Gary Hopkins and Chris Davies and strongly supported by Brislinton Cllr Jos Clark and campaigner Andrew Varney. This was threatened with closure over 5 years ago when Labour and Tory Councillors agreed that the provision of the new Hengrove Pool was all that was needed in this part of Bristol.

Stephen Williams selected as Lib Dem Metro Mayor candidate

Following a vote of the local party membership Stephen Williams was this afternoon selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Metro Mayor for the West of England to be held on Thursday 4th of May this year.

Time extended for residents to reply to plan for 100,000 new houses

Following a campaign by Lib Dem Councillor Tim Kent Bristol City Council have extended time for residents and community groups to have their say on plans for an extra 100,000 homes for our region and the transport infrastructure needed to deliver the homes.

Originally the consultation was set to the legal minimum of just 6 weeks and closed on 19th December. But following lobbying by Cllr Kent who discovered that the consultation had also advertised an email address to respond to that did not exist officers have agreed to reopen the consultation and allow responses until 10th January.

Time to take control of the Buses

by Gary Hopkins, Lib Dem Council Group Leader

Like it or not buses account for the vast majority of public transport journeys in Bristol. Trains are very popular and could be added to but thanks to Dr Beeching Bristol has few lines and so there is unlikely to be a vast increase in passenger numbers in the near future.

It is therefore vital that the bus network is regarded as and run as a public service.

Labour Party U-turn on Low Emission Zone

Just two months after taking office, the Labour administration appears to have done its first U-turn - on the Low Emission Zone (LEZ).