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Happy Hanukkah

As the warmth and glow of the candles grow each evening, I hope it may serve as a reminder that even in the darkness, there is hope. Hope for a brighter tomorrow.

7 Dec 2023

Scrap the Mayor WIN

6 May 2022

The Bristol people have spoken and the committee system is the best future for Bristol. This Lib Dem motion, backed by the Greens, saw the Lib Dems, Greens and Conservatives joining together for the sake of the citizens of Bristol.

Councillor Jos Clark said: “The Bristol Liberal Democrat group brought the motion for this referendum to full council in December last year and in the spirit of cross-party working were happy to let the Green Party second the motion. This is a good example of working together for the good of our city and we look forward to more collaboration in future and under a fairer system.”