Time for Karin Smyth MP to back a People's Vote

Yesterday over a million people, including hundreds from Bristol, marched in London to demand a People's Vote and an exit from Brexit. Meanwhile, over 13,000 Bristol South residents, equivalent to 12% of the electorate, are amongst the almost 5,000,000 people across the country that have signed a record-breaking petition calling on the government to revoke article 50 and stop the Brexit process.

Additionally, research conducted for Best for Britain and Hope not Hate in 2018 suggested that the constituency would (at that point) back remaining by a margin of 62% to 38%, and that 70% would support a 'Final Say' referendum.

Despite this, and the growing public and political unease over the way the government has handled Brexit, local MP Karin Smyth (who voted for Article 50, and is part of Labour's shadow Brexit team) has yet to join her colleagues in Bristol's other parliamentary seats and support a People's Vote as a way out of the Brexit mess.

Commenting, Andrew Brown, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Bristol South, said:

"The volumes of people who have signed, and are continuing to sign, the petition to revoke article 50 are indicative of the strength of feeling in Bristol South and the growing move against Brexit now people can see the damage it will cost to our country's economy, reputation, and our worker and consumer protections. 

"Whilst it would be wrong to expect our MP to slavishly follow public opinion, it is not enough for her to claim that "as a country we will get through this" (as she does in her latest video) without offering an alternative way forward. Embracing support for a People's Vote and laying out the circumstances in which she could consider voting to revoke Article 50 would go some way to reassuring those constituents frustrated by her continued silence."

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