In support of 20mph in residential roads

Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Dr Kay Barnard has written about her support for 20mph speed limits in residential roads.


Dr Kay Barnard has said:


On Tuesday (15th March) councillors will debate a petition to keep and extend 20mph speed limits in Bristol.


20mph speed limits were originally piloted by the previous Liberal Democrat administration but our vision was to restrict the speed limits to residential side streets and not the main roads. We have never been in favour of the mayor’s blanket policy of introducing the lower speed limits in all roads in the city. There is nothing wrong with a 30mph limit where the right conditions exist.


Some residents have understandably lost faith in the purpose behind 20mph as their existence on main roads that are frequently congested due to Council road works leaves a lot to be desired. However 20mph on residential roads people use for local trips is the foundation on which active travel, social inclusion, child mobility, elderly health, air quality, safety and public health can be built. Residential areas in cities such as Oxford, Bath and Portsmouth with 20mph zones have proved popular and made roads safer.


There are areas where 20mph limits are clearly needed in Bristol, such as outside our schools and local shops. 20mph is key to traffic reduction, to tackling congestion and to a community’s economic and ecological sustainability. But a blanket scheme, as introduced by the mayor, should rightly be looked at again.

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