Lib Dems Slam Council for Not Celebrating St George's Day

Cllr Gary Hopkins, leader of the Bristol Liberal Democrats, has responded to the decision by Bristol City Council not to hold St George's Day celebrations.

The full statement reads:

"The council's decision is bizarre, ludicrous and shameful. Saint George isn’t just the patron saint of England; he’s the patron saint of Bulgaria, Palestine, Ethiopia, Greece and Lithuania. He’s also arguably most significantly the patron saint of Georgia, where Saint George’s Day is celebrated twice a year.

"Most historians agree Saint George was born in Turkey to a Greek family. He was an economic immigrant, spread new religious ideas from abroad and he was even a soldier for a multicultural European superstate. He represents the ideals of multiculturalism that the City Council should be proud to celebrate in a city like Bristol.

"St George's Day is therefore a brilliant opportunity to show the pride that we all have in our culture, society and history. The Lib Dems are proud to mark England’s national day and we will be proposing a motion to council supporting a St George's Day celebration."

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