Time extended for residents to reply to plan for 100,000 new houses

Following a campaign by Lib Dem Councillor Tim Kent Bristol City Council have extended time for residents and community groups to have their say on plans for an extra 100,000 homes for our region and the transport infrastructure needed to deliver the homes.

Originally the consultation was set to the legal minimum of just 6 weeks and closed on 19th December. But following lobbying by Cllr Kent who discovered that the consultation had also advertised an email address to respond to that did not exist officers have agreed to reopen the consultation and allow responses until 10th January.
Cllr Kent had previously questioned Mayor Rees about the consultation and had asked him to extend it. He refused to do this stating that it would cause delay in the process.
"I am very pleased that officers decided to allow more time for people to respond but we now need to alert people that they have this additional opportunity." said Cllr Tim Kent (Lib Dem; Hengrove and Whitchurch Park ward).
"There is little doubt that we need additional housing but where we put that housing and the transport infrastructure we need to deliver it are crucial questions.
"The current plan proposed fails to place new housing near sustainable transport corridors. It has a requirement of £7.5 billion of transport infrastructure which many people know is simply unrealistic."
"Although there will be more stages to the plan clearly minds are set on the current proposals despite their fatal flaws. People need to look at these plans and have their say on where additional housing should go and what form of transport infrastructure we need to support it."
One of the proposals in the plan is the very controversial new town at Whitchurch village of 3500 additional homes. Despite the area already being gridlocked and there being no railway line this location has been chosen over other edge of city locations that do have railway access and better road infrastructure.
"The plan will have a major impact on peoples lives so we need to do all we can to allow people a chance to help shape it" said Cllr Kent.


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