Sparke Evans Update

We recently wrote about the poor state of the metal latticework railings on Sparke Evans footbridge. This week at Tuesday’s Full Council meeting, Andrew will be asking the Mayor the following question:

‘The elegant Sparke Evans footbridge near the Paintworks development in Brislington West was recently added to the Bristol Local List as an important heritage asset. Unfortunately, the beautiful latticework railings have become badly corroded and are quite jagged and sharp in places and so are potentially dangerous and also at risk of falling into the river below. Repairs need to be carried out soon. However, it would be a travesty if the railings were replaced with unattractive sheet metal panels, which would also be an invitation to local graffiti artists to grab their spray cans! Therefore, I’d like to ask the Mayor if he can give local residents a date for when this repair work will be carried out and an assurance that the repairs will be done in a sympathetic manner in order to protect the beautiful character of the bridge?’

We will let you know the Mayor’s response when we have it. In the meantime, why not join the newly-reinvigorated Friends of Sparke Evans Park group:

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