Liberal Democrats Pledge to Make Public Transport Cheaper

Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Dr Kay Barnard has outlined her plans to deliver cheaper bus fares, reduce the cost of the RPZ permits, improve cycling facilities and to introduce a new Park and Ride and new local train stations.


The Liberal Democrats have launched a ‘Six to Fix’ mini-manifesto to highlight their priorities for the next four years. The first priority, to make public transport cheaper, includes commitments to:

  • Take back control of our local bus services and introduce cheaper fares and have routes set by the Council, not the bus companies
  • Reduce the cost of the first RPZ permit to the amount required to administer the scheme, review the number of yellow lines in RPZ areas and introduce 1 hour free parking across the city for present RPZ permit holders
  • Segregate cycle lanes across the city and encourage green space cycle routes where possible, and introduce better cycle parking facilities
  • Introduce a new Park and Ride and new local train stations

Improving transport has long been championed by Dr Kay Barnard, who has spoken to many people across the city who have suffered from the lack of affordable public transport and congested inner-city roads. The targeted measures will particularly help people on low incomes and show how the Liberal Democrats are the party with fresh and innovative ideas for Bristol.

Since November 2012, the current Mayor has overseen delays to the Portishead railway line and to plans for the Henbury Loop and has made no progress on the Portway Park and Ride station.

Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Dr Kay Barnard said:

“The city’s problems are far too big to be solved by personality politics. Our proposals will provide the city’s residents and commuters a fairer deal. By bringing down the cost of travel, we can encourage even more people to use public transport.

“People are fed up with frequent road blockages that cause hours of gridlock. The current Mayor has failed to come up with any practical solutions to the real issue of unaffordable public transport in Bristol. A serious look at how the Mayor can reduce fares is long overdue. As Mayor, I will make providing far cheaper travel in the city a priority.”

Ian Townsend, the Liberal Democrat candidate for the St George West ward in the local council elections, added:

“The Liberal Democrats will do more than cut fares; we will also invest in this city’s public transport facilities, just as we did with the showcase bus route in East Bristol.

“We have a strong track record of encouraging cycling in our city. We have long campaigned for the Council to take cycling more seriously and have drawn up a cycling manifesto. The case for more investment in cycling is simple; the more journeys we can encourage residents to make by bike, the less congestion we will see on our roads and the healthier we all will be.

“Our transport plans will make a real difference to the lives of thousands of Bristolians.”

You can read our mini manifesto document here, and our cycling manifesto, produced last year by Ian Townsend, here.

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