Lib Dems Prioritise Help and Support for the Most Vulnerable

Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate Dr Kay Barnard has outlined plans to offer help and support for the most vulnerable in the city by introducing a joined up approach to help tackle homelessness and housing costs, to improve support for people who have suffered abuse and to encourage a ‘relaxed approach’ to the policing of cannabis related offences.

The Liberal Democrats have launched a ‘Six to Fix’ mini-manifesto to highlight their priorities for the next four years. The fifth priority, to make Bristol more inclusive for all, includes commitments to:

  • Set up a central ‘one stop shop’ for homeless services and advice.
  • Ensure that all suitable brown-field sites in the city are developed for new homes, including social and affordable housing stock.
  • Provide support and sanctuary for refugees and people who have suffered abuse.
  • Encourage a relaxed approach to the policing of cannabis related offences, in order to help increase police resources to catch those that deal in harder drugs and to fight serious and violent crime.

 Lib Dem Mayoral candidate, Dr Kay Barnard, said:

 “I am standing to be the Mayor for all of Bristol. The housing crisis is going from bad to worse. A lack of affordable and quality housing blights many of our communities, including some which are amongst the most deprived in the country. We need to stop this before it’s too late. When the Lib Dems were running the Council, before the current Mayor took office, we built the first new council houses in Bristol for 30 years. We will take real action to address the housing and homeless crisis in Bristol.

I’m extremely proud of Bristol’s standing as a City of Sanctuary. But helping those who are vulnerable, fleeing persecution or have been victims of abuse does not happen without action. Without proper support there are endless cases of a cycle of poverty and many are forced into homelessness on the street. Only the Liberal Democrats have a plan in place that offers a holistic approach to solving these closely connected problems.”

Becky Lockyer, a Lib Dem local election candidate standing in Bishopston and Ashley Down ward, added:

“The local Lib Dems are putting forward sensible proposals that are based on evidence-based policy.

“We want to ensure that in a time of squeezed police budgets that financial resources are not wasted on the unnecessary prosecution and imprisonment of users and addicts; the focus instead should be on getting addicts the treatment they need. Police in our city should concentrate their efforts on tackling serious and violent crime and those who deal in hard drugs.”

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