Lib Dems Pledge to Improve Bristol’s Environment

Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Dr Kay Barnard has unveiled plans to help radically improve Bristol’s environment, including setting ambitious recycling and waste targets and proposals to tackle the city’s dangerously polluted air quality.


The Liberal Democrats have launched a ‘Six to Fix’ mini-manifesto to highlight their priorities for the next four years. The second priority, to make Bristol more sustainable, includes commitments to:

  • Set a target of 70% to achieve improvements in recycling and reductions in waste by 2020
  • Introduce a low emission zone in the city centre and extend the pedestrianised areas
  • Introduce a ‘Bristol Green Deal’, using profits from the Bristol Energy Company to fund energy-efficient improvements in homes in the city
  • Invest more money in the city’s parks and green areas to protect them

Since his election in November 2012, the Mayor has shelved plans that had been put in place by the Lib Dems to build a household recycling and waste centre, whilst the city’s recycling rates have fallen and the amount of waste going to landfill has significantly increased. Bristol also ranks as one of the worst cities for fly-tipping.

Under the previous Lib Dem administration recycling rates increased to almost 50% across the city. Millions of pounds were invested in solar panel installation, wind turbines and biomass boilers (including in schools) and the party laid the foundations for a public energy company and the successful bid to become the European Green Capital of Europe. The ‘Six to Fix’ mini-manifesto offers a vision of a fair and sustainable future for all.

Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Dr Kay Barnard said:

“The Liberal Democrats have come up with sensible and positive solutions to make Bristol cleaner and more sustainable. It is in everyone’s interests to create a truly sustainable city and far more resources need to be put into waste reduction and recycling schemes. Unfortunately, the current Mayor’s record on the environment gets worse and worse every year. Despite his rhetoric, he has failed to take the environment seriously.

“Another equally important issue is our commitment to introduce a Low Emission Zone in the city centre. There are hundreds of these throughout Europe and they have proven to be successful in improving air quality. That is why after years of campaigning for one by the Lib Dems, if elected as Mayor I will make it a reality.

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party in Bristol determined to make the city a healthier place to live by recycling more of our rubbish, ensuring our air is cleaner and by improving our parks and green open spaces. There is no question that these targets are ambitious, but we want to create a sustainable Bristol and the plans I have outlined today are just the start.”

Helen Cuellar, one of the Liberal Democrat candidates for Westbury and Henleaze ward in the local elections, added:

“The residents of Westbury and Henleaze deserve a cleaner city. It is a great shame that for the last few years our streets have been getting dirtier, not tidier. 

“The local Liberal Democrats and I will never abandon our commitment to the environment. We have a proud record and whatever happens in May, we believe that it should be at the heart of everything the City Council does. We will continue to look for ways to innovate and improve our city’s sustainable credentials.”

You can find the 'six to fix' mini manifesto here

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