Make Council Tax Fairer

Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Dr Kay Barnard has unveiled plans to help residents pay for their Council Tax bills.

The Liberal Democrats have launched a ‘Six to Fix’ mini-manifesto to highlight their priorities for the next four years. The third priority, to make Council Tax fairer, includes commitments to:

  • Review the Council Tax Reduction Scheme, with the aim of making it available to more residents
  • Levy up to 200% Council Tax on empty houses
  • Seek to review and update Council Tax banding and explore ways to introduce two new higher bands for the most expensive properties

 Lib Dem Mayoral candidate, Dr Kay Barnard, said:

 “The Council has a responsibility to leave as much money as possible in the local economy and in our resident’s pockets. Council Tax is highly regressive, costing those in smaller houses and flats dear. Most of the valuations on which it is based are a quarter of a century out of date. As time goes by Council Tax becomes ever more arbitrary and the Liberal Democrats are the only party in Bristol committed to making the local tax system fairer.

“Our proposals offer properly funded ideas. But they also demonstrate where our priorities lie; if elected as Mayor I will demand extra powers from government to change how we calculate Council Tax. This is after all our city, our community; our Bristol.”

Cllr Tim Kent,a Lib Dem candidate seeking re-election in the merged Hengrove and Whitchurch Park ward, added:

“I am proud to be standing on a platform to reform Council Tax in the city. For the last three years the Mayor and the other parties have turned down free government money for freezing Council Tax, choosing to increase the burden on local householders instead.Our proposals will protect Council services without hitting local residents in the pocket.”

You can read our full mini-manifesto here (and you can also watch the video presentation of it!)

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