Save Jubilee Pool

A head of steam is building up behind the campaign to Save Jubilee Pool. This is being led by Knowle Cllrs Gary Hopkins and Chris Davies and strongly supported by Brislinton Cllr Jos Clark and campaigner Andrew Varney. This was threatened with closure over 5 years ago when Labour and Tory Councillors agreed that the provision of the new Hengrove Pool was all that was needed in this part of Bristol.

A smart investment into a mini gym by the then Lib Dem Administration changed the picture completely with usage up and subsidy slashed. An anonymous budget line came out in budget papers this year proposing that the subsidy be abolished but with no plan for the future. Liberal Democrats have submitted a Budget Amendment to prevent the removal of the subsidy but with a Labour Mayor and Majority it may not pass. 

There are many options for the continuation of the vital local facility but Council Sports Development are not answering or returning calls. We now see an updated budget description which indicates a plan for closure (and sell off?)

Gary Hopkins Said " We now seem to be moving from the unfortunately all too common  bodged saving to a pre planned closure . The fact that there was a failed attempt by Council Officers, including Legal Officers, to censor our petition adds to the suspicions. This follows on from the revelations that Council Officers worked behind the scenes with First Bus to delete the 51 bus service. We stopped that one!

A demo/meeting will take place outside the pool at 12.00 on Saturday 18th February. You can sign the petition on the Council website here:

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