Response to Withdrawal Agreement: No Brexit is still the best option

key_ukeuflag.jpgThe Prime Minister admitted last night that there are three options before the country: Her deal, no deal and no Brexit. 

The deal on the table is a bad deal. It will damage the large of our economy, make us rule takers but not rule makers, and offers no long-term solution to the Irish border problem. 

Listening to the Prime Minister's statement in the House, it is clear that there is no Parliamentary majority for her deal. The Liberal Democrats are voting against it. As are Labour, the SNP, Tory remainers and Brexiteers. In fact, it's difficult to find anyone who is actually supporting it. 

Forces will continue to move against the Prime Minister, with the hard-right pushing for a no deal Brexit which has the potential to be catastrophic for our country. It is therefore important for MPs not to be fooled into thinking it is a choice between a bad deal or no deal at all. There is a third way. 

From day one, myself and my party have been campaigning for the British people to have the final say, with the option to remain in the EU. Then we were a lone voice in the debate. That is why today it was so fantastic to hear so many MPs (though still some noticeable absences) standing up in the House and urging the PM to go back to the people. 

A People's Vote is not only the democratic and principled choice, but it is also the pragmatic and sensible one. Only through a People's Vote can we break the deadlock and end the Brexit chaos. 

No doubt by tomorrow this blog will be out of date. But, whatever happens over the coming days and weeks be sure that myself and my party will continue to put forward the case for securing a People's Vote, getting an exit from Brexit and remaining in the European Union. 

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