Remain vote increases in Bristol as pressure grows for a People's Vote

Bristol Liberal Democrats are putting pressure on Bristol Labour MPs to back a People's Vote on the Brexit deal as constituency polling suggests that support for remaining in the EU has increased across the Bristol. 


The Survation poll, which was commisioned by Channel 4 and is the largest and most comprehensive poll since the referendum, has found that support for leaving the EU has fallen across Bristol, and with support for the Prime Minister's Brexit deal in a minority. 

Constituency estimates have now been published and show a clear swing from Leave to Remain. Bristol West remains one of the highest Remain-supporting constituencies in the country, with just 16.72% of voters wanting to leave the European Union. Despite this, Labour MP Thangam Debbonaire has consistently opposed a People's Vote. 

James Cox, Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for Bristol West, said:

"The numbers show very clearly that support for remaining in the EU has not dimmed but has grown in Bristol West. When I talk to people on the doorstep, they are very clear about their vision for their country. They want young people to have good opportunities, refugees to be welcomed not vilified, and for us to work with our neighbours to tackle climate change. I share that vision, which I believe will only be realised if we stay in the EU.

"Despite this, we have an MP who openly backs a Norway-style deal over a People's Vote. This is completely at odds with what is right for her constituents and what her constituents want. Bristol West wants a remain-supporting MP, not a soft Brexiteer. It's time Labour MPs stopped helping the Conservatives deliver Brexit and joined us in stopping it."

Bristol South had the highest leave vote in the city, with 47.1% of voters backing Leave. However, the poll now suggests that this number has shrunk to just 40%, with 60% now in favour of remaining in the EU.

Andrew Brown, Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for Bristol South, said:

"The data suggests that as the reality of Brexit has become clearer, people who previously voted leave are switching their view, with only 4 in 10 people in Bristol South now supporting leave. It is time for people to be 'given back control' of the Brexit process and for Karin Smyth to support a People's Vote."

The data also suggests that support for the Prime Minister's deal is in a significant majority in Bristol, with an estimated just 39.2% supporting the heavily criticised deal. 

MPs will be voting on Mrs May's deal on December 12th, with all Bristol's MPs expected to vote against it. 

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