Record high knife crime offences in Avon & Somerset

Statistics released today by the ONS show that knife crime offences have hit a record high across Avon & Somerset, with a 14% increase in the last year - double the national average.

The region of Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire recorded 922 offences involving a knife in the year up to June 2019, an increase of 110 incidents from the previous year. 

Since 2015, the number of offences involving a knife has increased by 89.7% in the region. In the year up to June 2019, knives were used in cases of attempted murder, threats to kill, assaults, robberies, rape and sexual assaults, and homicides. 

James Cox, Liberal Democrat MP candidate for Bristol West, said:

"That knife crime has hit record levels in our region clearly demonstrates the failings of this Tory government in tackling rising violence across the country. 

"I worry about young people in Bristol West whose lives are being lost due to this serious epidemic of violence. It isn't right. Rather than talking tough on crime, it's time for Boris Johnson to look at the evidence and do what actually works in decreasing levels of crime and violence. 

"Our country already has the highest prison population of any nation in Western Europe. The government has already introduced tougher prison sentences for knife crime, but knife crime is still on the rise. 

"It is time for the government to stop wasting money and resources on measures that sound tough but produce no results. We need measures that will actually make the streets of Bristol safer, including community policing and more youth services. A failure to act is to allow more tragedy on our streets."

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