No-deal Brexit to cost Bristol over 6,000 jobs



Research by the UK Trade Policy Observatory has revealed that a no-deal Brexit will lead to just over 6,000 jobs being lost across the city.

The estimates – which have been described by the researchers as “conservative” – find that around 2,045 of those jobs will be lost in Bristol West constituency, 1,450 in Bristol South, and 1,300 each in Bristol North West and Bristol East. 

This research comes to light as the government has asked councils across England to appoint a Brexit lead to manage the fallout from a no-deal Brexit, which is looking increasingly likely since Boris Johnson’s appointment as Prime Minister.

James Cox, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Bristol West, said:

"Bristol is a European city. We have built a local economy which is reliant on our relationship with the European Single Market and the Customs Union. The research shows that no-deal will be a disaster for Bristol and the government needs to take this option off the table now or people in our city are going to suffer. 

"We have a diverse economy based on services, finance, technology, creative industries, research, academia and the public sector. A no deal Brexit, or frankly any Brexit, puts our local economy at risk and people's jobs on the line. This is not what we were promised by Boris Johnson in 2016 and this is not what people voted for.

"Liberal Democrats, not Labour, are standing up to this government and fighting Brexit. Unlike Bristol's Labour MPs, we will do whatever it takes to stop Brexit and protect Bristol's economy and people's jobs."


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