New Joiners' Pack

Find out more about how our local party works in our New Joiners' Pack, specially created for new members and supporters.



Due to the nature of this campaign being so affected by COVID-19, in this election we will be making much greater use of target mail. This involves sending (or delivering) addressed mail to people. This form of communication has a much more significant impact on the reader, as well as making it easier to reach voters in flats/HMOs.

In order to be able to send out target mail, we need people, or 'stuffers', to put the letters/surveys/inserts into the envelopes. This is an incredibly easy volunteer job that you can do at home whilst watching TV. We are looking to build a network of stuffers across the city, so as and when we have some target mail printed, we can get in contact and arrange for letters/envelopes to be dropped off at your house, then the stuffed letters to be picked up a few days later.

We are wanting people to sign up to be on our list of stuffers, and you will then be contacted when we have stuffing to be done, so you don't need to specifically commit to stuffing at this moment, just an intention to help in the future.

If you would like to sign up to be a 'stuffer' click here.


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