Bristol Liberal Democrats bring motion on Mayoral Referendum

By Bristol Lib Dems🔶, Nov 25, 2021 4:11

The Bristol Liberal Democrats have tabled a motion to Full Council on 7 Dec calling for a binding referendum on the Mayoral system in Bristol.

The motion calls for the people of Bristol to be offered a choice between the autocratic mayoral system or the proportional committee system. A time lock is included in the motion, meaning a referendum must happen at the earliest opportunity, which is Thursday 5th May 2022.

Cllr Alex Hartley, councillor for Hotwells & Harbourside, who is proposing the motion said, “Bristol has suffered through 10 years of the Mayoral model, and it is time for the people of Bristol to make their voice heard. From the arena to Cumberland Basin, from RPZs to Neighbourhood Partnerships, the Mayor has consistently ignored the wishes of Bristolians and councillors, because the Mayoral system allows it. This must change. I hope that councillors will vote to put the question back to the public.”

Cllr Jos Clark, leader of the Liberal Democrat group and councillor for Brislington West, said, “We fundamentally believe that the people of Bristol deserve a vote on this. Back in March we were just a few votes shy of securing a referendum. Given the changes to the political composition of the council since the local elections, we are confident that a majority of councillors will back a referendum. This mayoral mess cannot continue.”

Help us Scrap the Mayor!

If you want to Scrap the Mayor, we need to make sure the Lib Dem motion passes in December. You can help us get our motion across the line by doing the following three things: 
  1. By writing to your local councillor asking them to support it (you can find your cllr's contact details here -
  2. People can also submit statements for the Public Forum section of Full Council highlighting your support for the referendum motion and asking Councillors to vote for the motion. To submit a statement, please email [email protected] with your statement text. More info can be found here on submitting statements -
  3. Add your name to the Scrap the Mayor petition and we'll send you updates on our progress towards securing a public vote

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