A New Deal for Mental Health Care Services

The Liberal Democrats have called for a revolution in mental health care, valuing mental health and physical health equally, and introducing a long-term funding plan to bring an end to mental health in-justice.

In government, the Lib Dems introduced the first mental health waiting times targets. With that change in the law came new funding and the opportunity to explore the conversation surrounding mental health in a society and in our politics.

Since 2015, there has been little to no movement. Funding continues to be cut, staff let go and targets re-prioritised. Every day, people and families feel first hand the failings of the system.

The Liberal Democrats will put a penny on income tax, giving the NHS, social care and mental health care the cash injection it desperately needs. We need to think long term to anticipate and deal with the future. We believe in a dedicated NHS tax, allowing you to see how much of your money is spent.

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