Opposition Leaders express disappointment over Mayor’s Conduct

By Joe Nutt, Sep 10, 2021 6:09

Bristol’s three opposition party group leaders (Cllr Jos Clark - Lib Dems, Cllr Paula O’Rourke – Greens & Cllr Mark Weston – Conservatives) have today written to Mayor Rees to express their disappointment at his conduct in Tuesday’s meeting of Full Council.

In the letter, the Group Leaders, referring to Mayor Rees’ comments towards Cllr Denyer and his comments about councillors lacking in integrity & dynamism, said:

In your State of the City address in 2019, you said that “we urgently need an improvement in the quality of our civic discourse” and we are all in agreement with that statement, but unfortunately, we do not feel that your comments in recent Full Council meetings meet the standard of quality civic discourse.”

“To say that ‘your heart sinks’ when you see a specific councillors name on Member’s Forum, or to say that “the step down in integrity and dynamism is disheartening” when referring to the chamber is very disappointing behaviour. We feel that your comments show rank hypocrisy when you have previously echoed Michelle Obama’s ‘When they go low, we go high’ quote.” 

Cllr Jos Clark, Liberal Democrat Group Leader said: 

"Tuesday’s meeting of Full Council showed that when the opposition parties work together, in this case on the green spaces protection motion, we can get stuff done. Unfortunately the Mayor does not seem to appreciate the work of active & engaged councillors, and resorts to frankly inappropriate language. I hope he will reflect and change his behaviour, so we can all get on and deliver for our residents.”

You can read the full letter here

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