Lockleaze is a 2 member ward in Bristol North West Parliamentary Constituency. The last election in Lockleaze was in May 2016 where the candidates were Leslie Cooper and Rebecca Hutcheon. The Liberal Democrats received 9.62% of the vote and we want to increase this in the next election. The next election will be in May 2021.

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Latest News from Bristol

Council Chaos

So while Cllr Asher Craig proudly proclaimed her widely derided "Communities Consultation" a great success, the Mayor made many of his usual speeches about how wonderfully the Administration was doing despite the impossible financial pressures imposed by Central Government, a worrying piece of news was exposed by questions from Lib Dem Cllr Jos Clark.

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Tackling Food Waste - Success in Cotham... and beyond!

Attempts to improve the way local large supermarkets work with our city council went from the laptop of Lib Dem councillor for Cotham, Anthony Negus, to being adopted nationally by Britain’s core cities. (see here)

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‘Let’s Get Our Local Rail Services Back on Track’ – Williams

Lib Dem West of England mayoral candidate Stephen Williams has outlined his plans to open new local railway stations, get electrification back on schedule and to introduce new train and tram links across the region.

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