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Bristol City Council Won't Lobby For 'People's Vote' on Brexit - Bristol 24/7 - 20 July 2018

While Brexit chaos continues to wreak havoc through the walls of Westminster, Bristol councillors brought the debate closer to home.

Harriet Clough, a Lib Dem councillor for Hengrove and Whitchurch Park, proposed a motion to the council chamber, calling on the city to lobby the Government for a People’s Vote on whether or not Britain should leave the EU. Read More

Bristol City Council votes against second Brexit referendum - Bristol Live - 19 July 2018

Bristol City Council has rejected plans to lobby central government for a second referendum on the final Brexit deal.

A Liberal Democrat motion raising concerns with the ongoing Brexit process was ultimately passed by full council on Tuesday (July 17). But the proposal was subject to an amendment at the 11th hour by the Labour group, which dropped the requirement to campaign for a second vote on the UK’s exit from the European Union. Read More

Bristol must end use of ‘unfair’ and ‘unjust’ vagrancy act - Bristol Live - 12 July 2018

Bristol needs to end the “unfair” and “unjust” use of the Vagrancy Act to punish homeless people, says one councillor.

Bristol’s Liberal Democrat group leader Anthony Negus is calling on Bristol City Council to ditch its use of the Georgian law which criminalises begging and rough sleeping. Read More

Thangam Debbonaire MP 'letting down people of Bristol' with second Brexit vote stance - Bristol Live - 3 July 2018

Lib Dem leader Vince Cable has criticised the Bristol MP for her opposition to a second referendum.

Bristol MP Thangam Debbonaire has come under fire from the leader of the Liberal Democrats, who has accused her of defending “Corbyn’s pro-Brexit line”. Read More

Never Mind the Ballots podcast: Paula O’Rourke and Gary Hopkins discuss Bristol Arena and council trusts - Cllr Gary Hopkins on 'Never Mind the Ballots podcast by Bristol Live - 28 June 2018

Hi politics fans, and welcome to episode five of Never Mind the Ballots.

This week we have Green councillor for Clifton, Paula O’Rourke, and Lib Dem councillor for Knowle, Gary Hopkins, chatting about libraries, the scrutiny and Marvin Rees as a “popstar”. Listen Here

'If We Truly Value Our NHS The We Will Have to Fight to Sustain It' - Cllr Anthony Negus for Bristol 24/7 - 27 June 2018

Almost everybody has – or is close to someone who has – had a life-changing experience with our NHS. The NHS saved my life, twice. It has also been there for my family when they have needed it, as I’m sure it has been for yours. Therefore it is immensely sad that rather than being in a state of celebration, we spend this landmark year anxious over the future of our health service. Read More

Never Mind the Ballots podcast: Anthony Negus and Emily Kent discuss Bristol's business offer, libraries and supermarket waste - Cllr Anthony Negus on 'Never Mind the Ballots podcast' by Bristol Live - 21 June 2018

Hi politics fans, and welcome to episode four of Never Mind the Ballots.

This week we have Bristol City Council’s Lib Dem group leader Anthony Negus and director of tech firm One Big Circle, Emily Kent. Listen Here

Liberal Democrats are the alternative to Labour in Bristol says Vince Cable - Bristol Live - 17 May 2018 

Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Vince Cable, claims his party is the only alternative to Labour in the upcoming Bristol by-election.

On a visit to Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze today (Thursday, May 17), the Twickenham MP admitted the party had faced a “battering” in city over the past few years, but promised its fortunes are on the up. Read More

'The arena is not just about value-for-money, but overall value to the city' - Cllr Anthony Negus for Bristol 24/7 -3 April 2018

This is not just about value-for-money but overall value to the city and its residents. For such a big decision we should know about the value of the regeneration work (including improvements to transport), job and skills creation, cultural and lifestyle offers, visitor increases to the city, direct and indirect revenues including council tax and opportunity cost, as well as understanding the real cost of mitigating impacts such as transport infrastructure, environmental pressures and on our health and wellbeing. Many of these will affect and interact for and against others. Read More

Mutualisation would retain more libraries - Cllr Anthony Negus for Bristol 24/7 - 9 February 2018

The council are not, as they have announced, making use of the libraries’ stay of execution to re-examine different ways of maintaining any more than their originally chosen ten libraries.

Cotham Councillor Anthony Negus is quoted in this story on youth homelessness - Bristol 24/7 - 3 January 2018

In the 12 months leading up to the end of September 2017, 815 people between the ages of 18 and 24 applied to Bristol City Council for help with housing.

Of these, 190 were subsequently declared statutorily homeless, according to figures obtained by the Lib Dems, who say this reveals that the true extent of the homelessness crisis is far greater than official Government figures suggest.

“Bristol’s success attracts people, especially the young,” said Anthony Negus, Lib Dem councillor for Cotham. Read More

Bristol 24/7 report on Lib Dem Single Use Cup motion to Council - Bristol 24/7 - 13 December 2017

Bristol’s green campaigners can raise their reusable glasses in celebration as the council pledges to take action against single-use cups.

The Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze councillor believes it’s time for a culture change and has called on the council to lead by example and introduce a levy on disposable cups, as well as lobbying the Government to take a stand nationally. Read More

Bristol Post report on support for a disposable cup charge - Bristol 24/7 - 13 December 2017

Bristol City Council first in UK to bring in disposable coffee cup charge

Cafés in council-run buildings are set to start charging a levy for disposable coffee cups.

The levy motion was proposed by Liberal Democrat councillor for Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze Clare Campion-Smith at full council on Tuesday, December 12, in a bid for the authority to take a small stand in the large battle against plastic pollution. Read More

Letter to the Editor: 'Long Agenda Meant Vital Issues Flew Under Radar' - Cllr Gary Hopkins to Bristol Post - 22 November 2017

On November 14, Bristol City Council was presented with an impossibly long agenda to discuss. This was the first full council meeting since July, with the September meeting being cancelled due to the mayor and cabinet supposedly going to London to meet ministers. 

The trip was a taxpayer-funded farce, leaving library and parks campaigners furious that they could not have their say. Read More

‘Does the Council have the necessary skills left to do the job effectively?' - Cllr Gary Hopkins for Bristol 24/7 - 14 November 2017 

After parting company with the last contractor the Mayor has spent the last year with a new firm trying to get the cost of the Temple Meads Arena down to a price he was prepared to pay. This seemed to be an incredible waste of time and money as every month spent reducing the design down to make it more basic, the cost actually went up. Read More

'Lib Dem leader Vince Cable tells Bristol pro-EU voters: 'I want to stop Brexit' - Bristol Post - 19 September 2017

It was business as usual on Brexit for Mr Cable – he called the UK’s exit from the European Union “a disaster waiting to loom”.

He re-emphasised his party’s support for an “exit from Brexit”, calling for a vote on the final terms of the deal, with the added option of staying in the European Union if the British public don’t like what’s on offer.

The former Business Secretary labelled it “the first referendum on the facts” rather than a re-run of the 2016 referendum. Read More

'The Mayor could do a lot better with what he has' - Cllr Gary Hopkins for Bristol 24/7 - 19 September 2017

The mayor, though facing challenges, could do a lot better with what he has. Less than 18 months ago, when seeking office, he made big promises about progress – rather than saying he was going to stand on College Green and whinge. Read More

‘Charitable trust model could save Bristol’s libraries from closure’ - A report on our proposals to prevent library closures - Bristol 24/7 - 18 September 2017

Lib Dem councillors are calling on the mayor to consider a proposal that they argue could save most of Bristol’s threatened libraries.

'Not offering the status quo seems to make the consultation illegal' -  Cllr Gary Hopkins for Bristol 24/7 - 22 August 2017

The rules on running consultations are being flagrantly ignored by the mayor and his administration and it is leading to bad decisions and further distrust of Bristol City Council. Read More

‘The mayoral system puts too much power in one set of hands’ - Cllr Gary Hopkins for Bristol 24/7 - 26 July 2017

The mayoral system, with far too much power in one set of hands, was seen to be a danger with the first mayor, but it is now becoming really exposed. We have nearly three years left to go of this already struggling regime: how low can things sink? Read More


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