Lib Dems put forward December 9th General Election plan

Today (27th October) the Liberal Democrats announce they will propose a Bill to amend the Fixed Term Parliament Act to hold a General Election on Monday December 9th.

The plan, which is backed by the Liberal Democrats and the SNP, would amend the Fixed Term Parliament Act to set the date of the next General Election, with Parliament being dissolved on Thursday following its passage this week.

As this is a simple Bill, it would require only a simple majority, as opposed to the two thirds majority required under the normal FTPA legislation.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson said:

"Boris Johnson has missed his 'do-or-die' deadline and is now asking Parliament to give him a General Election and time for him to ram through his Brexit Bill through Parliament. That is a bad deal, and Liberal Democrats will not vote for it.

"We need to get Boris Johnson out of office, unlock the gridlock in Parliament and give people the chance to vote to stay in the EU. A general election on our proposed timetable would take no-deal off the table, and give the public the chance to elect a Liberal Democrat Government who will revoke Article 50 or increase the number of MPs who support a People's Vote.

James Cox, Liberal Democrat MP Candidate for Bristol West, who speaking on BBC Radio Bristol on Friday called for a December election, added:

“Liberal Democrats have led the fight for a People’s Vote and to stop Brexit for over three years now. We are the biggest, strongest party of Remain.

“If Labour can’t give us the numbers for a People’s Vote, then it’s time to give the public their say in a general election. Liberal Democrats in Parliament are working cross-party to ensure that a disastrous no-deal Brexit is not possible before any election can take place.

“Liberal Democrats are crystal clear: we want to stop Brexit. Bring on a general election so we can end the chaos, defeat Johnson and make it stop.”

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