Lib Dems condemn Labour-Tory stitch-up

Following the passing of a budget at the second time of asking, the Lib Dem Group have criticised the way that the Mayor’s alternative budget was put together.

Lib Dem Group Leader Jos Clark said “We were disappointed that the Mayor chose not to accept the budget as amended by Full Council at our last meeting. Although our amendment did not pass, all the amendments that did pass were supported by us, as well as achieving a majority across all Councillors.

“The Mayor subsequently chose to speak to the Tory party rather than seek cross-party consensus. The budget as passed has reintroduced measures that Full Council voted against – achieving in private what they failed to in public. Today Labour members voted for a series of measures they voted against just two weeks ago.”

Deputy Leader Andrew Brown added “Despite our amendment not being passed at the last meeting, we supported the democratically agreed budget. Although we recognised the alternative proposals brought today improve the Mayor’s original budget, we weren’t able to support this backroom deal.”

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