Langer: Plan for complex economy demands complex solutions

Liberal Democrats passed a motion at conference which seeks to tackle inequality by reforming corporate governance and bringing about a system of life-long training to give people the skills needed to adapt to the changing workplace. 

Speaking at conference, Clifton campaigner Max Langer:

"We are living in a time of inequality, levels of which we've not experienced since the beginning of the twentieth century. And this phenomenon is especially prevalent in Western English speaking countries due to our reckless corporate culture.

"In this motion, by taking stakeholders and giving them a say in how companies are run and how their managers are paid, we can start to tackle this culture working to bridge this gap. 

"Whilst productivity has slowed, technology is developing faster than ever. Therefore, our systems of training need to change in order to keep up. Simply training people when they are 18 years old is no longer good enough, and by implementing the life-long training schemes proposed by the Liberal Democrats we will be better able to meet the demands of the future. 

"The Liberal Democrat plan looks at our complex economy for what it is and seeks to answers to answer the problems with complex solutions - not quick fixes."

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