Hydrogen on the move in Bristol

Lib Dem councillors today welcomed a prototype hydrogen fuelled car on display in Bristol. Hydrogen was one small component of the Lib Dem fundamental changes to all services in Bristol while the Lib Dems were achieving the city’s status as European green capital.

While pressing for the introduction of clean energy transport generally in the city, the Lib Dem administration pioneered hydrogen as a fuel and built a hydrogen fuelled ferry boat to show its merit.

Cllr Anthony Negus, Bristol Lib Dem Group leader, said:

"The Lib Dems trialled renewably generated hydrogen by hydrolysis from our Avonmouth wind turbines during their low night-time demand periods. This almost free power would otherwise have gone to much less efficient battery storage. Though improving, batteries are not so efficient or convenient with much of their rare components and technology being controlled abroad.

"The economical hydrogen fuel can be easily transported, stored in fuel stations and pumped like petrol. We were in the process of making applications for grants to the EU for rolling out a hydrogen infrastructure, against discouragement from transport officers. This was not pursued under Mayor Ferguson despite Lib Dem entreaties.

"The technology of the demonstration vehicle is interesting but it is the cleanliness, cost and sustainability of hydrogen as a fuel which continues to attract the Lib Dems. It is particularly suitable for goods vehicles where adequate batteries are still too expensive and under-developed. Hydrogen technology has greatly developed but needs to be taken seriously as a component of overcoming our energy, carbon and clean air issues in Bristol. Lib Dems are proud of our efforts in highlighting this opportunity and continue our interest and vigilance in seeking new solutions.

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