Henbury & Brentry

Henbury & Brentry is a 2 member ward in Bristol North West Parliamentary Constituency. The last election in Henbury & Brentry was in May 2016 where the candidates were Sterling Dresman and Christian Martin. The Liberal Democrats received 6.59% of the vote and we want to increase this in the next election. The next election will be in May 2021.

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Latest News from Bristol

Local pharmacies at risk of closure

We recently announced that our local Lloyd’s Pharmacy on Sandy Park Road would be closing permanently at the end of October, 2020. Many people got in touch with us to see if anything could be done. Jos initially contacted the pharmacy chain to see if there was any chance they might reverse their decision. She also spoke to the local GP practice and the Avon Pharmaceutical Service Negotiating Committee. What she discovered was quite concerning. 

Many local pharmacies are likely to close down.

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The silent public health emergency: Why air quality needs to be a priority for Bristol

The Brislington West Lib Dem view on Air Pollution

Air pollution isn’t new. However, only in recent decades has the scale of this problem become fully understood. The statistics are staggering: in 2016 the World Health Organisation found that air pollution was responsible for 4.2 million deaths. Closer to home, a 2017 study concluded that air pollution in Bristol can be linked to around 300 premature deaths each year.

‘Andrew and Jos in Brislington Village, where air pollution regularly exceeds acceptable levels’

‘Andrew and Jos in Brislington Village, where air pollution regularly exceeds acceptable levels’
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Active travel for Pedestrians and Cyclists must not exclude the less mobile

Bristol City Centre has seen recent road closures to provide a more peaceful environment for pedestrians and cyclists.  However, we would hope that any further changes will give greater consideration to accessibility for less able citizens of Bristol.  Keeping the city centre air clean, must not come at the exclusion of those with less physical mobility.  


Bristol City Council must also keep aware of the danger of disproportionately affecting parts of Central Ward with air pollution just by displacing it with such road measures elsewhere.  The welfare of all residents of Central Ward needs to be safeguarded.  We encourage the council to look into supporting biodiversity infrastructure, such as the planting of vertical gardens, moss walls and parklet planters to provide a natural mitigations against air pollution.  Such initiatives would complement the many trees which contribute to cleaner air and create a pleasant environment for all.


The enforcement of the new system, especially around Bristol Bridge, also requires more consistency.  Strategically minded road closures in the City Centre have the potential to give local businesses a much-needed boost COVID lockdown.  However, such measures should only be done while keeping in mind the overall quality of life of those living and working in Central Bristol.


The upcoming lengthy closure to the Redcliffe Bascule Bridge will undoubtedly present an obstacle to the flow of pedestrian and cycle traffic in the area.  To alleviate this, we advise that Bristol City Council look into revisiting the project of a bridge from King Street and across the Harbour in Welsh Back.  This project could change the layout of the centre in a way that would be beneficial to both local residents and businesses on Kings Street.


Furthermore, we back the proposal by Lib Dem Metro Mayor Candidate Stephen Williams to allow provision within multi-story car parks in Central to also provide safe bicycle storage.  Recent surges in bicycle theft in our city highlights the provision of this facility as a pressing issue.


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