Headteachers' march shows how Tories have failed our children

During the party conference season, other stories can easily get lost and forgotten. Whilst Theresa May was trying to humanise herself by dancing to ABBA, a week previously a thousand headteachers took the streets of London to protest the cuts to school budgets.

Since 2015, the Conservatives have cut school budgets in real terms and the investments that have been made have benefited the academies and not the vast majority of schools. Lib Dem achievements like the pupil premium - that supports students in disadvantaged areas - have been gutted, classrooms are getting bigger and teachers are being forced out of the profession. It's obvious why for so many enough is enough.

Headteachers are at the heart of this crisis. Every day they see the impact of Tory austerity on their staff and students. They have every right to stand up for their schools. In fact, they have a responsibility. I am proud to join them in solidarity.

The Tory government have ignored the countless warning from teachers and headteachers about the impact that their education policy is having. Cutting staff and support staff numbers, heaping more and more pressure on fewer people. Dropping subjects from the curriculum, prescribing a closed and antiquated education for the next generation. We’ve reached the point now in Bristol and across the country where parents are being asked to chip in for basic school supplies. Surely our kids deserve better than this.

The Liberal Democrats demand better. Not just better funding and resources, but a better education for our children.

That is why this week I will be writing to all secondary schools headteachers in our community, to show my support and to learn from them the individual challenges that our schools face.

The government can only fob off the teaching profession for so long. The headteachers who marched and are in our schools every day are everything they can to provide the next generation with the tools to thrive. This Tory government, however, is holding them back.

I wholeheartedly support the headteachers in their protest. It is vital that this time the Government finally listens to them and puts an end to these crippling cuts.


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