Happy New Year

As you read this, you will be well into the New Year and muted festivities will be over - though I’m writing this in mid-December, wishing everyone a recovering 2021. looking back and to the future.

Despite all the Covid heartache and personal loss, mental anguish and financial concern which has affected so many, I want to applaud Bristol’s responsive organisation around the city, with local ‘hubs’ co-ordinating support.  I was moved and impressed with the speed and resourcefulness of ordinary citizens, including less established students and migrants, who rapidly found ways of communicating and working together locally to help those in need.  I’ve had many messages praising this community kindness that some had feared lost.  My personal view is that today’s lifestyle presents fewer opportunities for our natural humanity to be expressed. So I hope that when hugging returns, soon, we might –unmasked - also embrace a wider community spirit?

Individuals and business sectors have been permanently damaged by the pandemic outfall that, with Brexit, will clobber us for some time. Alongside this all of us share a responsibility in restoring our world to good health. I don’t see as cataclysmic the replacement of fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine with more sustainable, healthier and smarter ways of living.  Engaging with the Sustainable Revolution offers the prospect of much better lives than not accepting change.  I believe skills will need to be acquired more flexibly and resources shared more fairly. It’s a challenge that humanity can rise to and that could bring out our hidden best.

Anthony Negus [email protected] 07833484344

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