Government immigration plan 'threatens the heart of Bristol'

Govt immigration plan 'threatens the heart of Bristol'

The Home Secretary has announced his intentions to cut the number of EU nationals migrating to the UK by 80% as part of the government's post-Brexit immigration shake-up. 

The move has been heavily criticised as an extension of the controversial 'hostile environment' toward migrants. The government is expected to publish its long-awaited immigration white paper by the end of the year, which is already set to include a new minimum salary of £30,000 a year. 

The plans, as outlined by Bristol-raised Sajid Javid, would see high-skilled migration from the EU fall from 14,000 to 11,000 a year. Meanwhile, medium-skilled migrants are set to plummet from 18,500 to just 4,500 in the government's attempts to reach its own targets. 

Responding to the announcement, James Cox, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Bristol West said:

"To want to actively deter high skilled people from contributing to our country is ridiculous and tells the world that far from opening ourselves up, Britain is closed for business. 

"EU nationals, including those who earn less than the arbitrary minimum, work for our digital industries, our NHS, our schools and higher-education sector. 

"An immigration system based on ideological prejudice rather than the needs of our communities threatens the heart of Bristol. We are a city which is strong not in spite of our differences, but because of them. 

"Liberal Democrats demand better. Our immigration system should be fair and indicate the ambition that we have for Bristol and for the country. The government hasn't learned the lessons from Windrush and the livelihoods of my constituents are once again being put at risk by the very worst of our politics. 

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