Give the people the final say or revoke Article 50


Following Theresa May's Brexit statement, a petition calling for Parliament to revoke Article 50 and stay in the European Union has received more 900,000 signatures.

In the latest development of the Brexit soap opera, Theresa May has asked the EU for a short extension so she can get her deal through on the third time of asking. The European Union have been very hesitant about granting an extension without concrete plans in place.

Bristol West has become one of the highest constituencies by signatories, with over 5,500 signatures in just a few hours (at time of writing).

With only eight days to go, the Prime Minister's deal has been defeated twice, the EU wants to see a plan before agreeing to an extension, and the Speaker has, rightfully, blocked the PM from presenting the same bill a third time. Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn continues to talk about his fantasy Brexit plan while storming out of meetings. We are at the cliff-edge and neither the Tories nor Labour have a plan beyond jump and hope for the best.

Liberal Democrats and I have from day one argued that this process must end with a People's Vote, giving the public the final say on the deal with the option of remaining in the EU. This is the only way the Prime Minister can keep her vote alive, this is the only way out of this mess entirely. 

However, Remain MPs cannot allow themselves to be blackmailed by Theresa May's threats of her deal or no deal. If an extension won't be granted allowing enough time for a People's Vote, then article 50 must be revoked. At which point I personally advocate a national conversation through a citizens' assembly before presenting that to the people and giving them the final say and a chance to once and for all exit from Brexit


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