End the Cladding Scandal in Hotwells & Harbourside

It is thought that hundreds of residents in Hotwells and Harbourside may be affected by the Government's poor handling of the cladding scandal. 

Fire safety is essential, yet the current system in place to identify and remediate cladding and fire safety issues including dangerous cladding is not only perilously slow, presenting significant safety risks but is also leaving thousands of leaseholders facing financial ruin.

The complete lack of urgency and comprehensive action by the Government on this matter is unacceptable.

The Elipse Tower in the town centre has Grenfell like cladding

The Hotwells & Harbourside Liberal Democrats support the 10 demands of the End Our Cladding Scandal campaign and are calling on both the Government and the Mayor of Bristol to work together to immediately ensure properties are made safe and none of the remediation or associated costs are passed on to leaseholders or residents in Bristol.

Lib Dem Candidate for Hotwells & Harbourside Alex Hartley said 'It is scandalous that residents are facing potential bankruptcy to make their homes safe to live in.There is suspicion that multiple building around the Harbourside may be affected. It has been three years since the Grenfell Fire Disaster, which was such a tragic loss of life.  We need action now to protect the residents of Hotwells & Harbourside from the same fate, whilst not allowing them to fall into financial ruin covering remediation costs."

You can sign our petition at https://www.bristollibdems.org/end_our_cladding_scandal 

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