End-of-term Report

Local champion for 12 years –addressing all constituents’ casework, supporting local groups, campaigning on my special interests: balanced sustainable communities, trees, waste/recycling, gardens, better places (ex-architect!), local decision-making, traffic moderation, parks+schools, local networks, youth services, loneliness, controlling pesticides and much more - and improving most. 

I’ve knocked on every householder’s door many times.  I’m heartened by the goodness of people I’ve met and worked with. Most of my annual residents’ surveys - but only two previously regular Focus newsletters -  were delivered in 2020, by local volunteers, with encouraging responses.


I seek out consensus, for we all have similar basic hopes.  I champion the Cotham area where I’ve lived and worked for so long, driving improvements or providing backseat support.  I am a proud green Liberal Democrat who enjoys working with anyone and l don’t let politics spoil that.  I have my own ideas but I’m content following up solutions that energise others.


My wider council role is as a critical friend steering better and fairer care around our diverse city, and our only world. I’m known by other councillors and officers for speaking common sense in Council, though I bear down on secrecy and poor consultation. I pitch for solutions over compromises, and getting things done.


A councillor’s role is challenging and at times very demanding - you’ve really got to want to do it well. I find it so rewarding and I hope I will be given your support on 6th May to serve another term.

If you might be less inclined to vote at a polling station why not consider  a postal vote? https://www.bristol.gov.uk/documents/20182/34696/Postal+vote+application+form  0117 92 23400.


Take care; protect others.

Anthony Negus [email protected] 07833484344

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