Demand Better For NHS

Lib Dems propose a penny on income tax to give our NHS, mental health and social care service the resources they need.

Almost everybody has – or is close to someone who has - had a life-changing experience with our NHS.

The Lib Dems are fighting to maintain the NHS free at the point of use, but also to facilitate greater efficiency, better patient outcomes and secure funding.

Our plan is simple: by putting a penny on income tax we can give the NHS, social care and mental health services the money it desperately needs now.

But we need to be honest. We cannot afford to invest in our services if our economy continues to be damaged by Brexit. Brexit will seriously harm our NHS, and Labour refuse to take this prospect seriously.

If we truly value our NHS then we will have to fight to sustain it. The Liberal Democrats embrace that challenge and don’t shy from the harsh realities.

For the average person, it would cost just a cup of coffee a week to give our NHS the money it so badly needs now, and I believe that’s a price worth paying.

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