Delivering a Carbon Free Future Fairly

If Brexit is the biggest challenge facing the Country, Climate Change is the biggest challenge facing the world.

It needs to be tackled at all levels: by the UN, the EU, the UK, our regions and nations, local authorities and individuals.

But it needs to be tackled fairly.

That's why I'm delighted that, as part of our comprehensive plans to tackle climate change, we are committed to establishing a "Just Transition Commission" and associated funding to ensure that the poorest people and areas are not disadvantaged further by the action required.

Our plans include:

  • Creating an independent Just Transition Commission to report to Parliament on the costs and benefits of net zero policies and provide advice on how to ensure that the transition delivers high-value employment opportunities and that disadvantaged groups are protected, with the benefits shared fairly between income groups, industries, and regions.

  • Establishing Just Transition Funds to boost development and jobs in those regions and communities most affected by the transition. These funds, devolved to local decision-makers, would leverage inward investment in local businesses, infrastructure, supply chains, training and local zero-carbon energy and energy efficiency projects. 

  • Identifing zero-carbon sectors with the greatest potential for growth, map them against the regions and communities where employment opportunities are most affected by the transition, and develop policies to ensure that people with relevant skills can transfer to new, zero-carbon industries.

Achieving a carbon-free future can be done: but it needs to be done fairly and justly. The Liberal Democrats will do that.

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