Councillor Sultan Khan joins Lib Dem Team

Having left Labour due to their factional fighting and failure to deliver enough for our local community local councillor Sultan Khan joins the Bristol Lib Dems


"Residents deserve effective representatives who aren’t hampered by factional fights within their own party. With the Lib Dems I can put our area first" - Cllr Khan.

Long serving local Eastville Councillor Sultan Khan has announced that he is joining the Liberal Democrats following his decision to leave the factionalised Bristol Labour party.

Cllr Khan said: “To leave a party after 15 years of membership and service is a very hard choice, but I am very excited at joining the Lib Dems and having the freedom to put the needs of Eastville ward residents first.

“I will remain the councillor for Eastville and continue to work for all residents and next year voters can make a decision on what sort of representation they want.”

Cllr Khan has been Eastville councillor for 8 years. During this time he has campaigned for better play facilities, worked with shopkeepers and spoken out on key issues effecting our area.

Several other local Labour members and supporters have also chosen to join Cllr Khan in supporting the Lib Dems after having seen Labour take our area, and votes, for granted.


Cllr Sultan Khan with local community members and Bristol Lib Dems - many in the community are supporting Cllr Khan’s decision to put Eastville first above party politics.


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