Code of Conduct

For our Facebook Groups (Members & Supporters Hub and Virtual HQ)


Bristol Liberal Democrats  

Code of Conduct for Facebook Groups


It is the responsibility of members, when acting for or in connection with Bristol Liberal Democrats, to: 


1. Act within the Bristol Liberal Democrats constitution, and not conduct themselves in a way that they know or ought reasonably to know or suspect is unlawful. In cases of doubt, members should draw the matter to the attention of the Chair (Susie Jackson) and Admins and follow their advice. 


2. Act always in good faith and in the best interests of Bristol Liberal Democrats as a whole, considering what is best for the organisation and its supporters. 


3. Respect the confidentiality of anything posted in the Facebook groups proceedings and any other decision-making processes to which members are party. 


4. Conduct themselves in all online, email and personal interaction with other members in a way that is courteous and respectful of all members, and express disagreement in a polite and professional way. 


5. Seek and accept the authority of the Chair and Admins in respect of any matter which requires action. In case of disagreement, the matter will be discussed by the Admins and Chair as a group


6. Work considerately and respectfully with all, respecting diversity, different roles and boundaries, and avoiding giving offence and not to be discriminatory towards, nor encourage discrimination against any person who identifies with any of the protected characteristics listed here


7. Aim to protect the good name of Bristol Liberal Democrats and take no action which risks bringing Bristol Liberal Democrats into disrepute. This includes but is not limited to when posting on the Facebook groups



Members are expected to honour the content and spirit of this code. In the event of fundamental disagreement with a decision made by the Chair or Admins as set out here, the matter should be brought to the Chair who may decide the matter for themselves or convene a meeting of the Admins to resolve the disagreement. I understand that if I fail to abide by this code of conduct, the matter may be brought to a meeting of the Admins with a view to my suspension or removal from the Facebook Groups and/or from Bristol Liberal Democrats.

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