'Remain voters must unite' as Change UK launch Euro Campaign in Bristol


'Remain voters must unite' as Change UK launch Euro Campaign in Bristol

Change UK - The Independent Group is today launching its campaign for the European Parliamentary elections at We the Curious in Bristol. 

It follows the surprise announcement of South West MEP Julie Girling, who very recently joined the Independent Group, who said she would not be standing for Change UK and has urged Bristol voters to back parties with "a clear pro second referendum pledge."

Responding to the launch, Stephen Williams, the former Bristol West MP and Liberal Democrat European Parliamentary Candidate for South West England, said:

"Change UK should follow the lead of Julie Girling and not stand candidates in the Euro elections to maximise the chances of existing hard Remain parties winning MEPs. If they stand, the beneficiaries will be the Tories and Labour, both of whom want Brexit, albeit in different versions. 

"Remain voters must unite in order to defeat Brexit parties at this election. The Liberal Democrats have more members, the strongest infrastructure and most elected representatives of any pro-Remain party. We are proudly the party of Remain and we urge voters in Bristol and across the South West to back us to defeat Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party."

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