Chandos Road - better for everyone?

I believe this is the right time to plan ahead - for a better future for our neighbourhood heart.  Could it be more a place than a road - reducing the effects from traffic and creating more balanced, positive well-being? 

There’s more thinking about people-friendly spaces, easier-paced liveable neighbourhoods, local facilities, greener spaces.  This fits with responses to the climate emergency, cleaner air, high-carbon vehicles and lifestyles more based round our homes.   Alongside this we’ve seen emergency responses to Covid, with grants offering opportunities for building back better.

Sustainable communities and place-making inspired me as an architect, continuing as a councillor.   So I set up virtual open meetings with local residents and traders to assess interest in developing ideas for local improvements and how they might happen.

We’ve looked at what isn’t working well, benefits for the future and how we might move forward.  Surveys are being prepared for every local household and business for the widest views to drive the best balanced solution.  This is the way Neighbourhood Partnerships used to work before the centrist mayoral system abolished them.

Broadly, the surveys will seek views and ideas about:

- Resident’s quality of life (+ community benefits)

- Environmental benefits

- Regeneration/place-making

- Active travel/Vehicle easing

- Business improvements

- Cost/Value for money

- Other 

Our ‘vision/offer/purpose’ should emerge from this initiative. Offers of help are welcomed, particularly if you have relevant skills. Please get in touch with me.

I hope the following stage will be seeking responses to alternative sketch proposals.  Soon after that we should submit these to BCC as an early bid for funding.  

Anthony Negus [email protected] 07833484344

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