Bristol should lead the way on Electronic Waste

Bristol Lib Dems have tabled a motion to next week’s Full Council meeting calling for the city to take a lead in developing solutions to the problem of increasing quantities of electronic waste which contain rare minerals and elements but which are often difficult to recycle.

The motion calls on the Council to work to increase the repair and reuse of electronic devices as well as to work with local universities and others to help develop improved technologies for recycling these.

It has been tabled by Deputy Leader of the Lib Dem Council Group, Andrew Brown, who said: “We are living in an increasingly connected world, and with that has come a proliferation of electronic gadgets and gizmos. Many of these have an artificially shortened lifestyle due to planned obsolescence, and all of them will require disposal at some point.

“Given that so many of our phones, computers, and other devices use rare and precious minerals, we need find ways to extend their lifespans and ensure that they are responsibly recycled. As a sustainably-minded city, Bristol should play a leading role in ensuring that our mod cons are not costing the earth for future generations.”

The idea for the motion was originally that of Zachary Barker, a local Lib Dem activist. He said “I have been concerned about the way we use and abuse Rare Earth Minerals for some time, and believe that science technology should be harnessed to solve the problems that they have created.”

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