Bristol Lib Dems say “Yes to EU”

Yes to EU logoLiberal Democrats in Bristol are leading the way with a positive attitude towards Europe and are the first party to formally join the ‘Yeto EU Bristol Alliance‘, ahead of the anticipated referendum on EU membership.


The alliance will lead the ‘Yes’ (or, as now seems likely, the ‘Remain’) campaign in Bristol, with representatives from business, civic society, political parties and others coming together to argue that Britain’s future is best served by being in the EU – not out.

A belief that we should be breaking down barriers between people, rather than erecting them, is central to Liberal Democracy. The EU has been central to a process that has led from two World Wars through the Cold War to a reunited continent, and decades of peace. This, and the economic benefits of membership, are why we believe in a strong Europe with Britain at its core not on the sidelines. That is why the Liberal Democrats campaigned as “the party of IN” at last year’s European elections, putting a positive message about the benefits being in the European Union.

Welcoming the decision to join the Alliance, Dr Razvan Constantinescu, chair of the Bristol and Bath branch of the European Movement and coordinator of the Bristol Alliance, said:

“On behalf of European Movement Bristol, I would like to congratulate you and wholeheartedly welcome you on board. I am absolutely convinced that as the first party to formally join the Alliance, your contribution will be invaluable.  We look forward to working together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual support and ensuring a Yes in the forthcoming Referendum.”

Our Council Group leader, Gary Hopkins commented:

“With the latest news that ‘yes’ might now be converted to ‘remain’ in the referendum question, our sentiment is still exactly the same. We welcome the chance for the British people to give a clear decision and feel that, like in the recent Scottish referendum, the answer will be to stay together. Its easy to whinge but now the country faces the real choice. The Lib Dems are the first party to sign up to Bristol’s Yes/Remain joint campaign and will welcome serious and responsible friends from other parties and beyond.

“Amongst all the economic arguments we should not forget that the European Union is the most successful peace process the world has ever seen. Following 2 monstrous wars the founding nations decided they had had quite enough fighting and decided instead to cooperate. It should not be forgotten that some of the eastern European countries with whom we now negotiate details of trade used to have nuclear weapons aimed at us prior to EU membership.”

Recent European Parliamentary candidate Kay Barnard added:

“Churchill was right when he said Jaw Jaw is better than War War and we would be throwing so much away to isolate ourselves from the biggest economic unit in the world. We need to be in there winning for Britain.”

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