Bristol Lib Dems back End Our Cladding Scandal Campaign

The Bristol Liberal Democrats are fully supporting the ten demands of the End Our Cladding Scandal campaign, which is fighting for greater protections for leaseholders and tenants who are currently living in blocks with Grenfell style cladding or blocks that were previously certified as compliant and safe but which now fail new standards rushed in after Grenfell. We have launched a petition, and are putting forward a motion to Council to make Bristol City Council back the campaign. There are numerous buildings in Bristol that are affected, with residents numbering in the thousands. Fire safety is essential, yet the current system in place to identify and remediate cladding and fire safety issues including dangerous cladding is not only perilously slow, presenting significant safety risks but is also leaving thousands of leaseholders facing financial ruin.
Capricorn Place is just one of the many buildings affected


To combat this, Lib Dem Cllr Mark Wright (Cllr for Hotwells & Harbourside) is introducing a motion to Full Council on December 8th calling for Bristol City Council to support the End Our Cladding campaign, to set up a ‘Cladding Hub’ to provide information to concerned residents, and to lobby Govt to change legislation to end the nightmare that this has become for thousands of Bristol residents. We need residents that are affected by the cladding scandal to submit both statements and questions in support of this motion. To do that, you simply need to email [email protected] (You can read this guide for helpful information on submitting questions or statements). You may want to emphasise the distress of the lack of action, and your request for support from the council.

The deadline for submitting questions is Tuesday 1st December 5:00pm

The deadline for submitting statements is Monday 7th December 12:00pm

We are hoping to have cross party political support for this motion, so please get in touch with your local councillor to encourage them to vote in favour of it.

Read the motion above


We have also launched a petition, to make sure the voice of the affected residents can be heard. You can add your name to the petition by clicking below;


Lib Dem Candidate for Hotwells & Harbourside Alex Hartley said 'It is scandalous that residents are facing potential bankruptcy to make their homes safe to live in after being assured by regulators that the property was entirely safe when they bought it.  We need action now to protect the residents of Bristol from fire safety issues, whilst not allowing them to fall into financial ruin covering remediation costs. This motion will go some way to helping local residents, so I hope that all Cllrs will back it, as this is not a party-political issue, but a moral one, fighting an injustice against Bristol residents. Cllrs from across the country, and political spectrum, back this campaign, and it is time for Bristol City Council to do the same"

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