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Your candidates Andrew Vaney and Cllr. Jos Clark

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Cllr. Jos Clark

I have lived in Brislington for 18 years, brought up in Keynsham. Went to Bristol University, worked as a qualified social worker. I have been a councillor for 12 years, I have been in the cabinet, and am currently the Lord Mayor of Bristol.

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Andrew Vaney

For several years I have been working hard with my ward colleague, Cllr. Jos Clark, on behalf of the people of Brislington.

We have a record of success, including campaigning to save Jubilee Pool, preventing the closure of Wick Road Library, opposing the council’s destructive Callington Road Link, setting up community groups SPRING and BRIZ, organising local community events, bidding for money for environmental improvements, and so much more.

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Local Campaigns

The Brislington West Greenway

Brislington West Liberal Democrats, Jos Clark and Andrew Varney, have been leading the campaign for the Brislington Greenway, an active travel corridor, community space and haven for wildlife, along the old Brislington Railway Line since 2016. Labour-run Bristol City Council have consistently opposed our campaign and have earmarked this corridor to construct the Callington Road Link instead. 

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Polling Station Change

Voters who normally go to the Bristol School for the Performing Arts (The White Hart) in Brislington Village to vote should be aware it is no longer available. Therefore, the polling station has moved to Holymead Juniors on Wick Road, accommodated in the Lower Hall.
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Sparke Evans Update

We recently wrote about the poor state of the metal latticework railings on Sparke Evans footbridge. This week at Tuesday’s Full Council meeting, Andrew will be asking the Mayor the following question:

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Scrap the Mayor

At this week’s Full Council meeting, the Bristol Liberal Democrats are putting forward a motion calling for a referendum on the position of directly elected Mayor. According to the latest Bristol Quality of Life survey, just 22% of Brislington West residents think the mayor is improving the city leadership. 
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New Sandy Park Planters

Four more wooden planters will shortly be installed on Sandy Park Road, courtesy of SPRING (Sandy Park Road Improvement Neighbourhood Group). Together with local residents, we set up SPRING in early 2017 and since then, the group has run several popular community events including the annual SPRINGfest and SPRING Into Christmas. 
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January round up

Out and about in Brislington West with Jos and Andrew

Another round-up of local news from your hardworking Lib Dem team: 

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your views on the environment

“Both Jos and Andrew are Brislington residents and are concerned about our environment.” 
While everyone at the moment is rightly concerned with Covid, we are currently in a climate and ecological emergency and we want to understand the views of local residents on a range of local issues.
The environment is very close to our hearts, especially in Brislington where we both live, which is why we are: 
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Reporting Back 2020

Jos and Andrew wish everyone in Brislington West a very Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2021 is a much brighter year than 2020, which was very challenging for all of us. However, with a third national lockdown announced this week, we still have some way to go until we are out of the woods. Don’t forget, if you need any help during these difficult times, please contact us. Alternatively, you can call the We Are Bristol helpline on 0800 694 0184. Here’s a round-up of some of the  work we’ve been doing over the festive period. 
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West Town Lane Hoops

Jos and Andrew wrote the following letter to residents,

You may have been surprised to see the bright yellow, metal hoops which appeared almost overnight on the small green on West Town Lane. We were as surprised as you as the council neglected to inform your local councillor about the project and also failed to consult local residents to seek their views before commencing with the project. 


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Pocket Parks and Play Areas

Pocket Parks & Play Areas


2020 has shown all of us just how important our local, green, recreational spaces are for both our physical and mental health and wellbeing. During the first, long, sunny, national lockdown, our parks and play areas proved to be absolutely invaluable, especially for people living in flats with little or no access to outside spaces. And even during this current, cold and wintry third national lockdown, our green spaces are a vital and wonderfully-uplifting resource for local people.

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#End Child Food Poverty

‘The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.'

This is part of the preamble to the constitution of the Liberal Democrats and the reason so many of us were angry this week when MPs at Westminster voted not to offer free school meals to vulnerable children during the school holidays.

Andrew Vanrey, Lib Dem candidate for Brislington West, said, ‘As a recipient of free school meals when I was younger, I know what a difference it made to my mum, who was struggling to raise three kids on her own’. Jos added, ‘It’s truly shocking that in the 21st century, we still have millions of children living in food poverty’.

Following the reckless vote in Parliament, the Bristol Liberal Democrats wrote to Mayor Marvin Rees imploring him to explore the possibility of Bristol City Council paying for free school meals for poorer families instead.




'Both Crispins Fish & Chips and The Loddeka have pledged to support  those eligible for free school meals. Thank you'




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Cleaning up Brislington War Memorial

The Brislington Lib Dems are cleaning the War Memorial ready for Remeberance Day

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Arnos Vale Under Threat

Living in Brislington, we are so lucky to have the beautiful Arnos Vale Cemetery on our doorstep. With its 45 acres of trees, wildflowers, open spaces, classical architecture and more than 300,000 people who are buried or remembered there, from much-loved members of ordinary Bristol families to those who changed the world or sacrificed their lives in war, it is a great place to visit. 
Jos said, ‘Four years ago, I was asked to become a trustee of the cemetery and to be honest, I jumped at the chance. Like many people in the area, I have fond memories of time spent wandering around, looking at the graves and enjoying the calm surroundings. When my son was small, we would go into the cemetery and have ‘adventures’ because at that time the place was unloved and quite neglected’
Jos and Andrew witnessed some of the anti-social behaviour firsthand on a tour of the site with cemetery staff. 
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Local pharmacies at risk of closure

We recently announced that our local Lloyd’s Pharmacy on Sandy Park Road would be closing permanently at the end of October, 2020. Many people got in touch with us to see if anything could be done. Jos initially contacted the pharmacy chain to see if there was any chance they might reverse their decision. She also spoke to the local GP practice and the Avon Pharmaceutical Service Negotiating Committee. What she discovered was quite concerning. 

Many local pharmacies are likely to close down.

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The silent public health emergency: Why air quality needs to be a priority for Bristol

The Brislington West Lib Dem view on Air Pollution

Air pollution isn’t new. However, only in recent decades has the scale of this problem become fully understood. The statistics are staggering: in 2016 the World Health Organisation found that air pollution was responsible for 4.2 million deaths. Closer to home, a 2017 study concluded that air pollution in Bristol can be linked to around 300 premature deaths each year.

‘Andrew and Jos in Brislington Village, where air pollution regularly exceeds acceptable levels’

‘Andrew and Jos in Brislington Village, where air pollution regularly exceeds acceptable levels’
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