State of the City: Mary's Response

Lots of talk in the ‘state of the city’ speech but the reality is ‘what change has there actually been?’. In reality Marvin is held back by being part of the Labour Party with a Labour leadership who can't even offer a vision or decision on Brexit. 

So I'm not sure Bristolians will be convinced by this latest PR puff piece from an administration who have presided over denial of the cover up and mispayment to senior executives, no delivery of an Arena to serve the needs of all of Bristol, delays to the clean air plan, with potentially unnecessary deaths of Bristolians due to this lack of action.

And on the Climate Emergency, it is strange that the Mayor thinks it's climate friendly to create an out-of-town Arena instead of one by the main transport hub, to knock down a big but perfectly serviceable road-bridge with a new bigger road to add pollution to the Harbourside, and that it makes sense to cut down 500 trees in Hengrove to build housing. We can’t build our way out of the climate crisis! We need to rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle before we ride roughshod over local communities.

I'm offering a real opportunity of hope, to take back control for Bristol's communities by removing centralised power and decision-making through our ‘Scrap the Mayor’ #ScrapTheMayor campaign. This will provide a local budget for neighbourhood councils, should communities wish to have them, to provide much needed funds for all those basic needs like toilets, libraries and community projects.

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