Bishopston & Ashley Down

Bishopston & Ashley Down is a 2 member ward in Bristol West Parliamentary Constituency. The last election in Bishopston & Ashley Down was in May 2016 where the candidates were Becky Lockyer and Kate Bowman. The Liberal Democrats received 19.98% of the vote and we want to increase this in the next election. The next election will be in May 2021.

Your Liberal Democrat candidates for May 6th 2021 are Phil Kemp and Becky Lockyer.

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Latest News from Bristol

End-of-term Report

Local champion for 12 years –addressing all constituents’ casework, supporting local groups, campaigning on my special interests: balanced sustainable communities, trees, waste/recycling, gardens, better places (ex-architect!), local decision-making, traffic moderation, parks+schools, local networks, youth services, loneliness, controlling pesticides and much more - and improving most. 

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Bristol Lib Dems for Hydrogen Buses

Like many, the Bristol Central Liberal Democrats are extremely concerned about the issue of air quality in our ward.  Particle pollution within Central has often exceeded safety levels outlined by both the European Union and the World Health Organisation.  While the powers and services of local government to mitigate this kind of pollution caused by private transport are modest, it has far more scope to do so in terms of public transport.

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Bristol Liberal Democrats call for Action on Public Toilet Access

Under the current Labour administration, we have seen a dramatic cut in the council’s provision of public toilets citywide.  There are now more former public toilets in Bristol than open public toilets.  Central Ward has been disproportionately hit by this wave of cuts.  In response to criticism of the scale of these cuts, Bristol City Council introduced the Community Toilets Scheme (CTS).  This is a voluntary initiative for local businesses (namely bars and restaurants), to provide the public with access to their toilet facilities.

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