Lib Dems demand more bike hangars for Bristol

By Joe Nutt, Sep 07, 2021 10:09

At todays (7th Sep) Full Council meeting, Cllr Alex Hartley has submitted a motion calling for a radical improvement in the provision of Bike Hangars in Bristol. 
Cllr Hartley, speaking in advance of the meeting, said "The only way we can encourage people out of their cars and onto bicycles is to vastly improve Bristol's cycling infrastructure, which includes cycle lanes but also safe, secure bike storage for those in houses where access with a bike may be difficult."
"I sincerely hope Full Council supports my motion, to usher in a new age of cycling infrastructure in Bristol, and bring us back to a position as a true cycling city."
Speaking in support of the motion, a representative from Bristol Cycling Campaign said "Bike hangars are a vital and overlooked piece of cycling infrastructure. If you can’t store a bike at home, you can’t have a bike: it’s that simple."
"Bristol has only 15 six-cycle bike-hangars – on-street secure parking for 90 people in a city with many thousands of car-parking spaces. The council must raise its ambition to meet the scale and urgency of the climate emergency and the needs of the less well-off in the city, and provide bike hangars for thousands of people, not less than a hundred."
"In our report on bike hangars, published earlier this year, we recommended:
1. Install 1,000 bike-hangars by May 2024, with at least 250 in 2021
2. Cut costs by simplifying installation
3. Remove the burden from residents of getting a bike-hangar
4. Require bike-hangars as standard in new housing development.

The motion to full council incorporates or builds on these recommendations and we are very pleased to see it."

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