Abolition of the position of Directly Elected Mayor

I and the Bristol Liberal Democrats are pleased to see that the Conservative group have managed to lay the Golden ('egg') motion to be discussed at today's full Bristol council meeting.

Empowering the people of Bristol is a cornerstone of my campaign to Scrap the Mayor so I hope that Bristol Councillors will flock to support the 'Abolition of the position of Directly Elected Mayor' motion. 

The Lib Dem group have tabled an amendment to recognise that the opportunity to remove the directly elected role only exists because of a Parliamentary legislation amendment secured by Baroness Janke. And we're doing this because we believe we need more democracy, not less. In removing the Mayor role we can make the space for neighbourhood councils, citizens' assemblies and open scrutiny to widen participation for ordinary members of the public and their communities.

So I'm happy that #ScraptheMayor campaign has got the Conservative group flocking to join me, as anyone with a sense of humour and a thick skin is welcome to join the campaign. 

I also note that three out of four political groups have party policy to delete the role of directly elected Mayor, so I would expect the motion to be well supported today. However, I also note that I am the only Mayoral candidate that has spoken out to support this policy; there was nothing in the Conservative candidate's launch PR, and the Green Party candidate has been silent on this.

I think maybe they're off message to their party policy already, and won't be willing to put themselves out of a 'job for the boys'. 

I'm the only candidate that is prepared to chase the Mayoral fox out of the Council henhouse. I've shown my commitment to being the equivalent of the proverbial 'turkey voting for Christmas', as I have already launched a petition which calls upon the Council to run a campaign to ‘Scrap the Mayor’ and give power back to the people. 

It's time we stopped this gobbling up of council funds. The Mayoral role has encouraged a centralised culture with a lack of accountability, overpaid consultants and unnecessary payoffs to escaping council officers. 

So I figure it’s worth causing a bit of flutter to attract attention to what is a very serious campaign, and to empower and give back democracy to Bristolians.

I'm promising a referendum doing exactly that - allowing people to choose whether they wish to abolish the role of Bristol's directly elected Mayor. 

My petition is a first step in giving power back to Bristolians, and this motion being passed by Full Council is another one.

Sign the petition here: http://www.bristollibdems.org/scrap_the_mayor


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