A Statement of Intent

Last weekend, the Liberal Democrats adopted a new bold new policy:

A majority Liberal Democrat government would Revoke Article 50 and Stop Brexit.

In all other circumstances, we are committed to continuing to campaign for a People's Vote, and to campaign for Remain if and when that happens.

Since the policy was passed, the party has been compared with Nazis, and with the Taliban! But a party stating clearly what it would do if it formed the Government is not anti-democratic: it's at the heart of our democracy. Regardless of how likely a party's chances of winning are regarded, manifestos are statements of intent, and the core of ours is abundantly clear:

We. Would. Stop. Brexit.

Johnson's Conservatives want to press ahead with Brexit - and seem to be actively seeking maximum damage with a No-Deal Brexit. Corbyn's Labour want to negotiate their own deal, then have a #PeoplesVote: but they can't, or won't, tell you how they would campaign.

Only the Liberal Democrats are committed to a platform of Revoking Article 50 and getting on with tackling Climate Change and rebuilding our economy so that it works for the wellbeing of both people and planet.

If you want to stop Brexit, when the election comes Vote Liberal Democrat, Vote Andrew Brown for Bristol South, and Vote to Revoke.

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